10 Quick Content Writing Tips You Want To Know

Content Writing Tips

Consuming great writing is like listening to a great singer. If the performer makes an emotional connection with me – even though she misses a few notes – I eagerly listen to the rest of the song and anticipate the next performance. Today, I share those 10 Quick Content Writing Tips to help you win over as many of your readers as possible.

Lesson 1: Power up video text

U.K.-based web designer Purplefeather created the powerful Change Your Words, Change Your World video. In it, a four-word plea (I’m blind. Please help.) is changed into a nine-word sentence (It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it). The text transformation generates far more compassion.

Since its 2010 debut, the video has been viewed over 24.7 million times and received thousands of comments on YouTube. Continue reading

50 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have-[Infographic]

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Having a strong web presence is mandatory, even for small businesses just starting out. The ability to find and evaluate products and services online is crucial for all customers, and it’s your responsibility as a business owner to ensure that they can do so easily.

Before you throw a website together just for the sake of having one, take the time to educate yourself on what role a website plays in your marketing strategy and how you can optimize it to generate more leads for your business.

A great place to start is with what your customers see in their browser when they arrive at your website for the very first time. In the world of web design, this is known as your “above the fold” content, and there are a few things you can do to ensure that it generates as much value as possible for your business.

Here is an infographic on 50 features every small business website must have to be successful online. Continue reading

A to Z of Content Marketing: A 40 Point Content Marketing Checklist! [Infographic]


Content creation is relatively straightforward; anyone can do it. You can only find out if the created content is any good after your content marketing efforts. A mediocre piece of content may become a hero content when combined with an awesome content promotion strategy.

Similarly, an epic piece of content might not get noticed if the content promotion activities are weak or non-existent. Most content and digital marketers learn over time with experience where and how to promote content. But here is a 40 point content marketing checklist that is sure to save you some time and money that doesn’t take you the rest of the day to digest.

A to Z of Content Marketing: A 40 Point Content Marketing Checklist!

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How To Get 15 Free PR9 DoFollow Backlinks with Just 2 Days

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how to get free pr9 backlinks

Do Follow back links  is very important role and very cheap and best way to get  back link for new website. Do follow  back links is very value able back link .after get high page rank back links from high page rank website back links make your website powerful and show your blog post on first page of Google .and back link increase your blog traffic and increase your earning .back links help you in Search engine and make you blog Good and healthy .

How i Got Free PR9 DoFollow Backlinks Easily

in This Post you can easily create Back links on high page rank website Continue reading

11 Practical Ways to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of a Website [Infographic]

how to increase the DA

What is the Domain Authority of a Website?

Domain Authority abbreviated as DA is a score between 0 and 100 as calculated by Moz. A brand new website will start with a DA score of 0 or 1. Well established sites like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia command DA scores close to 100. It is not easy to get a DA score that high. Most sites don’t even cross 50 – 60 range. Continue reading

12 Tools That’ll Help You Build a High Converting Landing Page

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tools for landing apge

Landing pages are a key part of any online business.

They are one of the best options when it comes to effectively collecting email addresses.

But, landing pages can and should be used for most sales pages as well.

Because they are used towards the bottom of the funnel, just a small change in conversion rate can have a huge impact on your profit over time.

And, while landing pages in general have a higher conversion rate than any other generic page, the conversion rate on landing pages can differ drastically.

According to Hubspot research, the typical landing page converts at 5 to 15%, but some landing pages that are highly optimized convert at 30% or above.

There are 3 main reasons that marketers and site owners are resistant to using landing pages in appropriate situations:

  1. They take too long to create or are too difficult to create
  2. They’ve never been able to achieve incredible conversion rates in the past
  3. They don’t know how to systematically improve their landing pages

All 3 of these problems can be solved with tools. Continue reading

12 Bloggers Who Make Money More Than $10,000 A Month [Infographic]

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One of the easiest ways to make money online is to display advertisements such as Google Ads and get paid each time a user clicks on the ad on your site. This method sounds so simple yet it is not going to give you a full-time income unless you have a substantial amount of traffic to your site.

There are many other tactics like affiliate marketing and selling one’s own services or products. The best way to learn what is best for you is by experimenting, leveraging your skills and learning from the best. This infographic of 12 Bloggers who make money more than $10K a month will show you the way.

Always remember we can learn and take inspiration from these online super heroes but not everyone can replicate their success. The most important thing to learn from these blogging legends is to create something unique and build a business around it.

Most of the blogs online don’t make any money but the ones that do take time to grow and find their rhythm. Determine your core identity and your unique selling proposition, and the rest is up to time and your determination to succeed.

Here is the blogging income infographic to give you inspiration and lessons. Continue reading

How to Build a Niche Site earning money from AdSense

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The Internet is full of opportunities to make money, and blogging is one of the smartest and most ethical ways available.

One misconception about blogging is that you need to work day and night to make money. That’s certainly true if what you’re trying to do is create a name and/or build a brand, etc.  But if your goal is simply to earn money within a short period of time but with long-term gains in mind, then there are many shortcuts available to you.  Let’s take a look at one such shortcut, the micro-niche blog.

In this guide I will give you a detailed example of a micro-niche blog that I created which is currently making $174 /month from AdSense, and an average of $100 /month through affiliate marketing with just a few hours of work.

This is a blueprint for creating a micro-niche blog, and you can use it for any topic or niche that you like. In my case, I didn’t use a content agency, so I picked up a niche that I enjoy reading and writing about.

Read on to see the actual steps I followed to create a micro-niche blog that has made over $2000 for me in the past year, requiring only 40-50 hours of work! Continue reading

Simple Easy Ways to Earn Money Online for Everyone

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Simple Easy Ways to Earn Money Online for Everyon

Money is not everything but it’s still one of the most important thing today and will be for future. And being online, we have ample opportunity to earn money. Though, being a newbie, many of you might have wondered is online money real? Can people really make money by working online from Home? And believe it or not, there are many people who make a handsome earning out of working online and from home. Today, I’m going to share some of the easy ways to earn money online. The best part is, it’s not limited to certain age group, a 40 year old house wife, a 15 year old school kid or a retired person can always pick any of the options and start paying some of their bills by income he/she make by working online.

There are various work and earn from home opportunities available online and I’m sure many of you have come across advertisements like click on ads, form filling jobs and earn hand some income. I don’t say all of them happens to be a scam, but believe it most of them are. Half of the companies are like Hit and run and you will keep waiting for check to arrive at your door step. Continue reading

How to Enable Adsense Ads on Uploaded YouTube Videos

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Adsense Ads on Uploaded YouTube Videos

So far we have discussed about the YouTube partnership program and how to link YouTube with your adsense account. In this quick tutorial, I would be sharing how you can activate ads on videos which you have already uploaded. Do remember by enabling Adsense for YouTube, it doesn’t mean your ads will start showing automatically. You need to manually enable ads for every videos.

Note: You can also set monetise uploaded video by default from uploads default page. Here is the direct link to the page. If not, when you are uploading a new video, you can click on monetise and activate the Adsense monetisation for videos. Though, the fastest way to monetise all your previously non-monetize videos is form my videos page.

All you need to do is, go to your  my videos page (Video manager) and select the videos which are not monetised or the one you want to monetise. Now from the drop down menu you can select monetise and this will monetise all selected videos. Here is a screenshot for better reference:

Monetise uploaded Youtube videos

If your account is in good standing, your videos will be monetise instantly. This is what happens to my Youtube channel, but if it’s taking time in your case, do let me know. You can check out my Youtube channel over here. At this moment, I’m making close to $60/month from Youtube videos, which is good as a side passive income. If you are also a Youtuber, here are few articles that you should not miss:

It may take some time for YouTube team to approve your YouTube videos for revenue sharing. Though it’s a lengthy process but still by the end if you create a viral video, you will end up making huge money.