What are the best site to make money online through surveys?

make money online

Willing to make money online without spending much time on the internet?

Can you answer some simple questions to earn money online?

If the answers are positive, we have collected some of the best survey filling sites for you to make some extra money and a few more bucks than your monthly income. These sites are good to go once you get to understand the mechanism behind making money through surveys.

How To Make Money Online With Surveys ?

Vindale Research

This site is one of the most reputable sites on the internet. Easily accessible by a newcomer, the website is not cluttered with a lot of ads and other stuff. To make money online, this site can be a lot of benefits for extra bucks.

Ease Of Use: easy layout with intuitive design and flow.

Approachability: supports multiple platforms, browsers, and operating systems

Worth The Time Or Not: the surveys can take a little extra time than mentioned

Overall Grading: B+


Earning Money with Vindale’s Surveys

Now I will describe step by step how does it works.

1. First,  Register in this Network you can do it by clicking the link here. (After you finished the sign up, you will get $2 reward at once in your account)

2.  Find most profitable surveys from survey dashboard

Vindale’s surveys can be classified as below:

  • Evaluations – $5 – $75
    Basically a products/services trial offer, evaluations need you to give your honest opinions after the trial period expires. Apart from compensating you for the product’s/service’s cost, you are also paid for the time you put in. Generally, surveys like these pay the highest.
  • Surveys – $1 – $5
    The traditional surveys carried by the site are totally FREE and can be completed without any credit cards. All you need to do is fill-out questionnaires.
  • Vindale Videos – Up to $0.25
    You can earn money as well as exclusive discounts by watching videos online. These online videos are usually short and although they don’t pay more than 10 cents, they are much more enjoyable and quicker to get over with than your average online surveys!
  • Reward Mail – Up to $0.10
    Here you are paid money to open as well as interact with advertisements in your email.
  • Deals – FREE
    You are entitled to receive coupons and exclusive discounts based on your location.
  • Referrals – $5
    You are paid to refer more people to Vindale with each referral earning you $5.
  • Submit a Payment Photo – $5
    You can earn $5 by sending in your photo with your payment.
  • Cash Contests – Up to $15
    The site tends to carry cash contests every day of the week. Make sure to check those out.


Cash Payments

Another noteworthy point about Vindale is that the company prefers to pay its

members in cash rather than use some rewards points system.

This is in stark contrast to the rest of the online survey industry as most such sites have taken to paying via reward points. And while the rewards points system is good enough and simple, not everyone tends to like them.

For instance, I usually prefer to have my rewards points exchanged for either a direct check payment or a transfer to my PayPal account.

The other thing I absolutely hate doing is converting reward points into dollars like I would need to do in another country! Thankfully, Vindale doesn’t give any cause for concern here as it tells you exactly the amount of money you are going to earn, i.e. in simple dollar and cents terms!

Screenshot of available offers

Vindale Reviews from Other Around the Web

My direct experience with Vindale was enough to make me trust the site’s legitimacy and its worthiness as a good addition to the survey portfolio of all people.

Below is a summary of what people thought of Vindale Research:

The Pros:

  • It is among the few sites that pays cash.
  • It offers payment via PayPal, which means anyone residing in the United States, UK, or anywhere else can use it.
  • It offers payment for friend referrals.
  • It carries a referral link that can be posted anywhere by you instead of filling-up an email ID.
  • It’s a very well laid out site.
  • It features an unusual earning opportunity whereby members can earn money just for opening emails and clicking on pictures within it.
  • It carries links to various paid online survey sites.
  • The site also hosts a daily consumer study that can be completed by you any number of times with payment coming every time you complete it.
  • It owns a blog apart from Twitter and Facebook pages that routinely carry information about different offers, surveys and free samples.
  • A personal inbox that you can use for emails also exists on this site.
  • The site’s account view gives an extremely detailed view about all your payments (both done and pending ones).

The Cons:

  • The site often sends emails talking about survey invitations but actually contain referral links to other survey companies.
  • All the coupons offered can be used in the US only.
  • The site’s cash out limit is insanely high at $50.
  • The so-called tutorial is in reality a referral that directs you towards joining the Love Film website.

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