101 Free Resources How to Increase Traffic Without SEO

How to Increase Traffic


That’s how long it can take to drive traffic to your blog or website through SEO.

Don’t you ever wish there were faster methods?

There’s no way to predict how fast – or if ever – Google will rank you in the SERPs and send you traffic. Even advanced SEO professionals confirm that it can take up to half a year or even more to get your SEO strategy working.

After all, there must be another way around this to get more eyeballs on your content. Sure, you could go out and search the web for solutions, try your luck on Facebook and Twitter and hope for the best.

That’s not what I want to suggest you.

The following huge list of traffic generation methods is the result of me browsing the internet for months before and during the launch of my own blog.

It’s curated from the top blogs on this topic as well as some lesser known resources I found to be useful. It contains case studies, social media advice, ultimate guides, slide shares and many other helpful resources.

So whether you are brand new to this whole online thing and need to get your first traffic, boost rankings, sell a product, launch a blog or you’re a veteran in online marketing – you’re covered. Those are real life case studies mixed with exceptionally valuable how-to guides and articles. Adapt from those who did it and replicate their success.

Okay, let’s dive in and see what we can learn today.

Start With Some Easy Traffic Wins

Some traffic generation techniques are more advanced than others, that’S why I recommend starting with the easier ones and build up from there.

You think some of these methods may be common knowledge, but they can still be effective if used with the right twist.

Easy wins often involve heavier manual action and I call this “visitor-pulling” because you have to work hard for a lower amount of visitors. But it builds a basement you can rely on.

Get your first traffic.

The following methods will show you how to generate highly interested visitors that might be lower in numbers but convert quite well for sales or email subscriptions.

1. Start your journey with commenting on other blogs and get your first visitors.
2. Do some groundwork and double your traffic in 30 days.
3. Try yourself at forum marketing.
4. Choose some of the forums out there and get involved in the community.
5. Curating content allows you to leverage other peoples knowledge.
6. Drive the first social shares without your own following
7. Fake it till you make it to score guest posts early on.
8. Get thousands of views by replicating this case study.
9. Build an ultimate resource to gain traffic and backlinks.
10. Listen to well-known experts and their traffic strategies.

Blow Up The Volume

Quality traffic is nice, but sometimes you need volume to have something you can show off. In fact, many bloggers only value their traffic by volume (which is a mistake).

That’s why the above-mentioned traffic tactics aren’t enough.
Those next traffic resources will blow up your stats and deliver traffic in the thousands.

11. Start by optimizing and submitting your content to Stumbleupon.
12. Use Reddit to deliver value to the community.
13. Create an expert roundup that gets 1000s of shares.
14. Try Pinterest to double your traffic in 30 days.
15. Learn how blogger outreach can send thousands of visitors in days.
16. Permission marketing is another way to get lots of influential shares.
17. Take some time to create Skyscraper content for your blog.
18. Analyze the anatomy of a viral post and reverse engineer.
19. Guest posting still isn’t dead and never will be.
20. Get your amazing content featured on Hacker News.

Publish More or Publish Better?

Is it a myth that traffic increase when you start publishing more often? Or could it be true?

The following links are all about your posting schedule and content quality.

21. Increase the frequency of posts, but don’t lose your joy.
22. Do not create TOO much content or you’ll fail (maybe).
23. Create different type of posts using these 7 tips.
24. Spend two hours a day producing high-quality local content.
25. Write 50 posts in 25 days.
26. Train your readers through consistent posting.
27. Post only when you have time to produce baller content.
28. Combine a redesign with content creation for great results.
29. Don’t focus on traffic, focus on content readability.
30. Do a content focused redesign on your blog.

Leverage Twitter for Quick Traffic

Sometimes you need traffic like yesterday. That’s where Twitter comes into the game. Can you say lightning fast?

There you go. Get some big accounts sharing your stuff and high-quality traffic roles in…

31. Tweet  every 15 minutes to increase referrals.
32. You should definitely #teaseyourfollowers in your tweets.
33. Reach out to triple your Twitter reach.
34. Invest 30 minutes to double your Twitter traffic.
35. Copy what the big boys on Twitter do.
36. Make Google send you traffic after getting tweets.
37. Write and tweet about Twitter.
38. Use news updates to double your traffic.
39. Take action and discuss with others about Twitter traffic.
40. Drive Traffic with Twitter cards for free.
41. Repeat proven formulas for your Twitter marketing.
42. Buy new Followers to make more money.

Take Advantage of Videos Taking Over the Web

The web gets more video driven every day. Don’t miss the train. Do you have a Youtube channel?

Great. Learn from the best and start driving website traffic and profits.

43. Get started by reading this ultimate guide to Youtube domination.
44. Publish videos directly to Facebook instead of Youtube.
45. Save $43.500 and publish articles instead of videos.
46. Increase traffic up to 13.000% with a viral commercial video.
47. Take these 8 steps to collect 500.000 Youtube views.
48. Do it like Gary Vaynerchuk and post more videos.
49. Don’t care about video rich snippets in SERPs.
50. Produce videos related to holidays and trending topics.
51. Stop wasting time and increase your CTR.
52. Be aware that 2017 about 74% of all internet traffic will be video.

Take Advantage of Videos Taking Over the Web

Although there are lots of competing social networks, Facebook is still a major player in the web traffic field.

Big algorithm changes have happened, but that’s just evolution.

Be prepared for things to come and leverage Facebook traffic as long as you can.

53. Post to the best and increase Facebook group traffic.
54. Do the same thing every week of the year.
55. Pay a penny to get clicks to your website.
56. Update your fan page minimum five times a day.
57. Learn Facebook marketing from these 21 small businesses.
58. Use questions in your page updates.
59. Copy viral post styles from popular sites.
60. Always compare Facebook ROI to other traffic sources.
61. Combine ads with a squeeze page to build your list.
62. Get creative and write 30+ ads for one landing page.

New Kid on the Block: Pinterest

It’s one of the youngest social networks around but definitely worth a try. You think it’s only for women who like cooking?

Pinterest drives 300% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook. You better pay attention how to use pins to increase traffic and revenue…

63. Design Pinterest Boards to match your blog categories.
64. Make content easy to pin, especially from mobile.
65. Use the power of Pinterest analytics to drive more traffic.
66. Look behind the Pin and take further action.
67. For more conversions on Pinterest, provide a limited-time offer.
68. Earn traffic and links through clever marketing preparation.
69. Always stick to 80% inspirational pins 20% promotional.
70. Learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your eCommerce store.
71. Dominate Pinterest following advice from the SMX Marketing Conference 2014.
72. Get more followers by leveraging community boards.
73. Get traffic from scratch with this ultimate guide to Pinterest.
74. Earn more AdSense revenue from your Pinterest visitors.

Guest Posting is Dead. Is it?

Every now and then somebody tells you a certain traffic generation strategy is dead. So is guest posting.

I doubt it is, that’s why the following link will share some more case studies and guides how to do it right. Never mind the naysayers.

Are you ready for guest posting 2.0? Here are the resources to take your efforts to the next level.

75. Post on high traffic and highly relevant blogs in your niche.
76. Submit expanded guest posts to increase the effectiveness by x100.
77. Consider to stop guest posting at all.
78. Follow this systematic approach to get published.
79. Benefit 7 times from each guest post you publish.
80. Read the definitive guide by link master Brian Dean.
81. Get inspired by the Buffer story, told by its founder Leo.
82. Start looking at guest blogging different than you did in 2011.

Outreach Marketing is Hot Right Now

Maybe you have read blogs like Quicksprout or Backlinko and found content marketing and manual outreach to be the latest trend.

Have you ever considered doing it?

I’ve tried it myself and it does work. Here are the links to prove that.

83. Tools like Buzzsumo can actually help to make outreach effective.
84. You could also hack Youtube for your social outreach.
85. Blogger outreach even brings in-person traffic to your local store.
86. The popular Skyscraper technique delivers amazing results.
87. Go a step further and pay or incentivise influencer outreach.
88. 300.000 custom outreach emails analyzed in one post.
89. How to track outreach like a boss with Evernote.
90. Scale your outreach efforts by using Pareto’s law.
91. Use social media to pitch journalists the right way.
92. Snail mail still exists and is a proper outreach tool in 2015.

Random Traffic Tips& Case Studies

93. You don’t really want more traffic. Read why.
94. Infographics can be huge traffic drivers when done right.
95. Engage your audience with a unique contest.
96. Interview forum and group owners and publish on your blog.
97. Learn about Lyrics impact on traffic.
98. Pull visitors to your blog one by one.
99. Write irresistible headlines for your blog.
100. Write a viral ebook to get traffic.
101. Bonus: 168 older traffic case studies published on Zenspill.

Which of These Resources Will Send You the Most Traffic?

That’s it: 101 ways to drive lots of traffic to your site without Google or SEO. This will help you get

Keep the list in a place near you and pull it out when you’re stuck.

Or better, use those tactics now.

Few questions to consider:

Where is your biggest traffic potential right now?

What tactics can you implement today?

No more excuses today. If your analytics show a big fat zero it’s your fault.

Get rid of that old useless routine of publishing daily. Write better posts from now on.

Or start using those recommended tools to automate traffic generation.

Or just get started with outreach and build influential connections on Twitter.

It’s not important where you start. But it IS important that you start.

Pick a strategy you like from above  and implement it now.

Traffic generation just got a lot more effective