How to Make Any Content SEO Friendly ?

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How to Make Any Content SEO-Friendly

Introduction of this guide : How to Make Any Content SEO Friendly ?

This guide’s purpose is to help writers understand how to optimize their page content for SEO. By itself, content optimization is not terribly complicated (and has the added benefit of falling entirely within the copywriter’s purview, so you won’t need to consult your developer until the time comes to push it live).

We’ll share traditional tricks of the trade regarding keyword research, selection, and placement, as well as some emerging best practices that you can use to help search engines make the most sense possible of what you write.
So: you’ve been charged with writing something for a website. Maybe it’s an article or a blog post; maybe it’s a major page that describes one of your brand’s core products or services. Or maybe it’s every last page of a completely new site.

Whatever the scope, you know enough about the value of the search audience to know that a big part of your job will be to ensure that the page(s) you write can, and will, be found by search engine users. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search.
  • 39% of a brand’s customers come from search, on average.
  • 70% of the links that users click on are organic.
  • 75% of users do not look past page one of search results.
  • 72% of business owners with an SEO strategy reported that it improved their bottom lines.

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B2B Industry Social Media Impact Report for 2016

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B2B Social Media Report

For this  B2B Industry Social Media Impact Report, we used the TrackMaven software platform to analyze 12 months of content from 316 leading B2B brands on five key social networks to understand how the best B2B marketers move the needle with social media.

We all learn from the best. So what could you learn from the best brands in your industry?

The results point to drastic disparities in the usage and impact of social media across the B2B landscape. The findings highlight the big picture trends in B2B social media marketing, along with industry breakdowns of the leading brands and most effective networks in each sector. We also compare the impact of B2B industries on social media to understand the differing approaches and priorities of B2B marketers.

The B2B industries analyzed in this Social Media Impact Report include:

B2B Industries in Social media report
Now let’s Learn which social networks drive the greatest impact for your peers, and see how your brand measures up against industry-specific benchmarks. Continue reading

Local SEO 101: 10 Signals That Determine Your Local Google Ranks in 2016

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local seo guide

What is Local SEO?

A local seo is defined as anyone who makes a search with local intent. Even if they don’t use a location qualifier in their search term, clicking on a local result turns that search into a local search.
If you have a physical location along with your Volusion store, local SEO is critical. Not only will it help your SEO and marketing efforts overall by establishing additional trust and authority with search engines, it will ensure your customers can actually find you when they’re ready to shop. Continue reading

SEO for Bing: 6 Steps To Growing Your Rankings

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et more organic traffic from Bing & Yahoo

Over the years, Google’s rightfully become the main focus for SEOs. Not so rightfully, it’s also becoming the only focus for many. But wait… Should we really be writing 33% of all organic traffic off?

In today’s post, I’ve put together 5 big fat reasons why no, we shouldn’t, along with Bing and Yahoo’s (did you know they are in fact one search engine?) major ranking factors to optimize for.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the post – SEO for Bing: 6 Steps To Growing Your Rankings

  Why more people start using Bing over Google;

  What kind of searches happen almost exclusively on Bing;

  The 6 major signals in Bing’s ranking algorithm;

  Bing’s (very liberal) view on link building and on-page SEO;

  And really, all you need to know to start growing your Bing ranks. Continue reading

Ecommerce SEO Guide – Link Building For Ecommerce Website

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Link Building FOR Ecommerce Website

Link Building For Ecommerce Website

When you publish amazing content on your ecommerce  site’s blog you have the world’s link building strategies at your disposal.

Yes, building links to your content can give your product and category pages a boost in Google’s search results. But those links aren’t nearly as powerful as links that point directly to your product and category pages.

But you might be wondering:

“Why would anyone link to a product page?”.

That’s the same question that Backlinko reader Chris Laursen wondered. He had a ecommerce client that was struggling with link building. Then Chris decided to try The Moving Man Method.

After implementing this strategy, the number of links pointing to his client’s website rose dramatically:

referring pages

Sure, it was great that Chris built so many backlinks…
But the TYPES of links that he was able to develop — contextual links from highly-relevant sites in the consumer electronics industry — is the real story here. Continue reading

Ecommerce SEO Guide – Content Marketing For Ecommerce Site

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Content Marketing For Ecommerce Site

Like any site, ecommerce sites can significantly boost their traffic and sales by tapping into content marketing.

For example, the popular cookware ecommerce site has an outstanding blog that features recipes, cooking tips, interviews with chefs, and more. Continue reading

Ecommerce SEO Guide – How to Run a Technical SEO Audit

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Technical SEO


Technical SEO is one of those things that’s important for ALL sites… but doubly so for ecommerce sites. That’s because ecommerce sites tend to have lots and lots of pages to manage. Even a “small” ecommerce site can have 5,000+ pages. And all of those pages increase the odds of technical SEO issues.

Not only that, but most ecommerce product pages don’t have  a lot of backlinks pointing to them. That means that technical SEO is often the “tiebreaker” on Google’s first page. For example, if you and your competitor are neck-and-neck, a technical SEO issue can be the difference between the 5th spot and a coveted #1 ranking.

That’s why regular technical SEO site audits are considered an ecommerce SEO best practice. Continue reading

How To Create High PR Backlinks Yourself

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How To Create Backlinks Yourself

Everybody knows that quality backlinks pointing to your site are essential for SEO. If you want to rank well in the search engines, the main thing you need, apart from great content, and proper optimisation, is quality backlinks from high-ranking sites.

But how do you get them?

1 – The Field Of Dreams approach: Produce epic content and then everybody will link to you naturally… Well, good luck with that one! It will work in the end (probably), but who’s got that long to wait.

2 – Produce epic content (again), and do an outreach campaign to influential people in your market, asking them to link to you. That’s the current ‘state of the art’ in linkbuilding for SEO.

Two problems with that: Continue reading